I don't have a ton to say about this one except that it's delicious and after I tried it I'd wished I kept the bottles on the counter for a second round. The California Palace was another pleasant surprise from the Anvil 100 (previously discussed here). If you like herbal-y gin drinks, this one doesn't disappoint. It falls somewhere between the Martinez and the Alaska. Drier and more herbal than the former, more stretched out and relaxed than the latter.



I went with Plymouth here because I wanted the Chartreuse to have plenty of space. Which it did. The gin is there though, contributing some citrus notes and softly anchoring things. Maraschino adds it's distinctive sweetness and you can discern it but it seems content here to nestle in among the herbal qualities of the other three ingredients. Vermouth offsets some of the sweetness and keeps the texture - silky, rich, from getting too out of control. Also, there's an intensely warming alcohol heat present that is assertive even as the overall effect of the drink is round and smooth. Man, does that Chartreuse punch through nicely though.



California Palace - not sure of the origin
40 ml Gin
20 ml Green Chartreuse
20 ml Dry Vermouth
10 ml Maraschino
Garnish - Lime Twist

Stir, strain, up


This one's in milliliters because I pulled the recipe from here and didn't feel like messing with it. If you don't have metric jiggers though, or the patience to divide everything by 5 and use teaspoons (who does?) 1 1/2, 3/4, 3/4, -1/2 oz will get you close enough.