Circumstances and ingredients on hand helped facilitate the following Mai Tai variation. There's no curacao because, well, there was no curacao. Rum with a little funk? Check. Orgeat? Check. Lime juice, check...but man, I will be glad when the price comes down on those things. A dollar per? Sheesh. It's summer though, and I try and have at least one or two around. 

This one's not overly sweet. Anise and almonds on the nose from the absinthe and orgeat with hints of Appleton's funk following close behind. Plenty of lime juice here to brighten it up and keep things in an afternoon backyard/beach sort of vein. The citrus here is tempered with agave and orgeat which, in addition to their own flavors combine to add some weight and smooth things out a bit texture-wise. 



2 oz Appleton V/X
1 oz Lime Juice
1/4 oz Orgeat*
1/4 oz Agave Syrup**
Garnish - Lime wheel, 3 dashes Absinthe

Shake and strain over fresh ice.

*Lots of great homemade orgeat recipes out there. For simplicity's sake, this one is tough to beat. If time isn't a factor though this recipe is amazing. I don't make it too often so I usually use the latter. It lasts a long, long while and makes plenty to share.

**Agave syrup here is 3:2 (agave to water). Yes, I realize that is somewhat ridiculous. This is just what I use around the house and while I've tried straight nectar, 1:1 and 2:1 this is the ratio I ended up settling on. On a somewhat, though barely, related note 3:2 is also the ratio I've employed to mix Cynar with Campar. I bottle it and use it all over the place. Sub it for vermouth, or drink it straight, add some soda, or mix it with bourbon/rye, gin, funky rums...etc. I love that stuff. Probably should be another post.