This one is from Chicago's The Violet Hour. Like the Weeper's Joy below when I first saw this drink I got hooked by the name. It's hard not to have a soft spot for that forlorn donkey with the defeated voice and terminally pessimistic outlook. Eeyore's Requiem is unapologetically bitter but not to the point of being off-putting (if such a thing is even possible where bitter cocktails are concerned). Like it's namesake it has a soft spot but whereas that downcast animal always seemed to be irrevocably despondent this drink finds a light around the corner. 

Campari leads the bright and bitter charge with gin supporting, blanc vermouth stretching and softening and the delicious duo of Fernet and Cynar playing off of the bitterness while contributing depth.

This one also reminds me that blanc vermouth is something I don't use as often as I should.


Eeyore's Requiem - Toby Maloney, The Violet Hour, Chicago
2 oz Campari
1 oz Blanc Vermouth
1/2 oz Tanqueray
1/4 oz Cynar
-1/4 oz Fernet
15 drops 50/50 Orange Bitters (Fee's/Regan's)
Garnish - 3 Orange Peels - expressed and discarded

Stir, Strain, Up

There's a few versions of this recipe out there. Some without gin (which I think was added later), some with more Cynar. This version is from Beta Cocktails, 2011.