Here's another one from Amanda's notebook of three ingredient drinks. I found it in Ted Munat's excellent Left Coast Libations. The 606 was created by Neyah White and has genever, fernet and vermouth. It's full of flavor, rich and delicious.

Things start out with a malty aroma from the Genever (I used Bols) and a little bit of orange from the garnish/oil peeking through as well. The ratio of genever to fernet is nice here. They are clearly both present and their flavors define the drink but they also allow space for one another. The vermouth is a less assertive component but without it I think there would be too much tension between the other two. Here, it helps tie things together with it's own herbal qualities while lending additional body. 

Genever, however, is less welcoming as the drink warms. It develops a bit of an edge and seems to take issue with fernet. Glancing first with contempt then with malice, genever warns fernet to 'not push it'. Fernet responds with a look that is both amused and menacing. What the hell is happening? Vermouth intervenes, annoyed but capable, trying not to get worked up but not having much success. The uncharacteristic and building frustration of vermouth as it launches into a tirade about how the world has abandoned subtlety breaks the tension between the other two. Genever and fernet relax, look at vermouth whose voice has begun to crack, and make faces that say 'get a load of this guy...we can't take him anywhere' before putting their arms around his shoulders and walking him over to the table where the punch is located.

Or at least that's what my notes say. 


606 - Neyah White, Nopa, San Francisco 
1 1/2 oz Genever
1/2 oz Fernet Branca
1/2 oz Sweet Vermouth
Garnish - Orange Peel

Stir, Strain, Up