Some friends of mine have an imminent celebration in the works (second baby on the way). Drinks have been off the list of indulgences (for one of them, at least) for a while. They've been in the midst of a rather intense kitchen overhaul and I believe may have undertaken the additional task of painting several other rooms in their house as well. Crazy. Soon, they will want to raise a glass. And I didn't want them to work too hard for that.

Quantities below make enough for an extra serving. You know, just to make sure everything came out alright.

Quantities below make enough for an extra serving. You know, just to make sure everything came out alright.

Sun in the Corners is gin, Cocchi Americano and Swedish punsch. Gin comes through nicely with juniper, citrus and spice. Then the Cocchi - soft, rich, floral, slightly bitter which sets up an another wave of flavors from the Swedish punsch. Gin drives this drink but there are also hints of tea, lemon, orange, flowers, brown sugar and rum. Dark rum (Lemon Hart) and funky rum (Batavia Arrack). When I first started working on this I tried it with various rums as the base spirit. Clement Premiere Canne was solid but not quite what I was looking for. Once gin became the backbone however, things fell in line quickly.


Sun in the Corners - enough to fill a 750 ml bottle
420 ml Gin (I used Whitley Neill)
140 ml Cocchi Americano
140 ml Swedish Punsch*
140 ml Water
5 Orange Peels

Add liquid ingredients to a large pitcher. Express oils from orange peels into the pitcher and drop them in there too. Stir briefly. Bottle and refrigerate until circumstances align in such a way that you can pour a few ounces in a glass, sit down and relax.


For a single serving divide by 7 and drop the water since you won't be chilling the drink in advance.

For the Swedish punsch I usually use this recipe from Erik Ellestad. It's a scaled back version of a previous one he came up with and the steps are the same (though I do filter the finished product and switch up the rums sometimes). If Kronan was available up here I'd probably just buy that. It's delicious and you don't have to make it. This version though is just as good and the Batavia Arrack you'll need is worth having around if for no other reason than to make Regent's Punch. There are other reasons of course, but Regent's Punch...well, that is in a class by itself.

Similar Drinks - Since I had Swedish punsch on the brain I started looking through old notebooks for other drinks. Turns out, if you sub dry vermouth for the Cocchi, pull back on the gin and lean more heavily on the Swedish punsch you have a Suedoise. Leave the Cocchi in (Lillet specified) and make rum the base (the initial starting point for this whole thing) and you have a Happy Daze.

One more totally random side note - the labels on Espolon tequila bottles peel off without much effort or subsequent scrubbing of residue. Grab a corner, peel, and you're done. Which can be a handy thing when bottling a gift.