The last drink of the night is not something I usually want to labor too much over. Particularly if I've just gotten home after a long shift. It often involves pouring a couple of ounces of Cynar, Fernet, bourbon or brandy into a glass and calling it good. Cynar has long been a favorite and has the added bonus of being relatively low in alcohol (16.5% abv) should that be a consideration. I started adding some Chartreuse to it for no real reason other than to see how they would get along together. Mixed 4:1 this was richly herbal and enjoyable. However, not content to leave well enough alone I eventually added a small amount of barrel proof bourbon to the mix and have found the combination consistently agreeable. The increase in proof is noticeable but not in a way that commands too much attention. The addition of bourbon also shifts things slightly, offsetting the weightier aspects of the Cynar and Chartreuse. There's still an abundance of herbal/medicinal flavors but they're complemented by a lasting warmth. The result is a very pleasant nightcap.




The Wind Down
2 oz Cynar
1/2 oz Green Chartreuse
1/2 oz Barrel Proof Bourbon (I use Elijah Craig)

Build in a glass. Done.