Coaster We've been hard at work on some great debut materials for PICNIC Holiday Sale this Sunday, Dec. 11. We have a few originals, including Three Sheets Foolproof Condensation Absorbers (see photo) and custom Lewis Bags made from heavy duty unbleached canvas and paired with vintage mallets. We've also got a great collection of vintage glassware, shakers, spoons, strainers, and sundry other cocktail accessories for sale.

We've been working on some killer cocktail ingredient recipes, but those won't be ready for the sale, sadly. Give us a nod and a wink, and perhaps we can find a way to get some samples your way. Or send a note to, and we'll get you on the list of people who will know about new ingredients first.

We hope to see you Sunday, and we hope you'll check in here regularly for blogging on ingredients, accessories, recipes, trends, and general cocktailery.

AuthorSean Wilkinson