Three Sheets

came about as a flurry of exchanged emails between the authors, Trey Hughes and Sean Wilkinson. It didn't take long to amass a backlog of recipes, experiments, and anecdotes, and this blog is our central home for that material. Please feel free to add your voice to the conversation, try our recipes, send us your thoughts, and enjoy our take on the world of cocktails. 

Trey Hughes

is a bartender at Portland Hunt & Alpine Club in Portland, Maine. He revels in the details and the finer taste profiles that make cocktails magical. A keen experimenter and fan of rigorous testing, Trey's always looking for the twist that will bring a drink to the next level. Thankfully, he's a dedicated documentarian, so we get to enjoy a lot of the thought process behind his methods. 

Sean Wilkinson

is a long-time fan of classic cocktails and enthusiastically seeks out new paths in cocktail culture. He's an amateur through and through, often shoots from the hip with strange substitutions, and can often be found subbing straight Fernet for mixing altogether. However, he is a rabid seeker of those moments in life where cocktails pull everything together, and occasionally he even manages to remember everything well enough to write it down. 


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